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Here at Life Law. we recognise the importance of trust between you and your solicitor when it comes to writing a Will.

That’s why, aside from ensuring that all our partner solicitors are members of the Society of Will Writers and approved by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. We will provide you with a profile of your designated Will expert from our host of Will Writing Solicitors. This profile will contain all the relevant information you’ll need to ensure that you are happy with this Solicitor helping you to write your Will.

Thus, giving you peace of mind throughout the process of writing a Will. Simply enter your name, phone number and most convenient time, and we’ll call you for a no obligation chat.

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    We’ve Got the UK Covered…

    Here at Life Law. although we’re based in Northwich, our Will writing solicitors can help you wherever you are in the UK

    So… whether you’re in Cardiff or Crewe, Walsall or Warwick, Liverpool or London, Manchester or Milton Keynes – we’ve got an expert Will writing solicitor near you.

    From the East to the West, we only give you the very best.

    Solicitor Profile – What it Might Look Like

    Will writing Solicitor is based: Chester, Cheshire

    • Society of Will Writers member for 18 years
    • Practicing Solicitor for 22 years
    • Solicitor specialises in: Wills, Probate, Family Law, Divorce, Financial Settlements
    • Completed Law Degree/Diploma at: Edinburgh Law School
    • Personal Statement: “I’ve been a practicing Solicitor for 22 years now (where’s the time gone?!), and I’m as passionate now as I was back then. It’s absolutely vital to write a Will, as losing a loved one is difficult enough without legal disputes. I’ll make sure that we write the Will that works best for you”

    Will writing Solicitor is based: Thame, Oxfordshire

    • Society of Will Writers member for 8 years
    • Practicing Solicitor for 10 years
    • Solicitor specialises in: Wills, Probate, Personal Injury
    • Completed Law Degree/Diploma at: King’s College London
    • Personal Statement: “It is vital that peoples wishes are materialised after they pass, and I ensure that there are no loose ends left causing debate or heart-ache.”

    Will writing Solicitor is based: Stockport, Greater Manchester

    • Society of Will Writers member for 25 years
    • Practicing Solicitor for 28 years
    • Solicitor specialises in: Wills, Probate, Marriage, Juvenile Law
    • Completed Law Degree/Diploma at: University of Manchester
    •  Personal Statement: “I’m proud to be a worker-bee. Hard work has got me to where I am today, and I will never cut corners when it comes to securing your family’s future”

    Will writing Solicitor is based: Burton, Wirral

    • Society of Will Writers member for 7 years
    • Practicing Solicitor for 9 years
    • Solicitor specialises in: Wills, Probate, Divorce & Marriage
    • Completed Law Degree/Diploma at: University of Cambridge
    • Personal Statement: “No-ones denying that death and divorce aren’t attractive propositions, but they have to be dealt with properly. I strive to give the people of Cheshire, the Wirral and Merseyside the service they need, done in the simplest and most transparent way”

    Our Will Solicitors Cover…

    England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


    Due to couple having shared responsibilities such as childcare and mortgages etc., most people leave the bulk of their assets to their partner if they have one.

    Conversely, many single parents choose to leave their estate to their child(ren). You can elect an executor to hold these assets until the beneficiaries reach the age of 18, or the executor can use this inheritance for the benefit of the child (e.g. Use monies for educational fees).

    In order for a Will to be legally binding, the signing MUST be witnessed by two individuals. These two witnesses must also complete their details and signatures, so that they can testify that they saw you sign your Will.

    Witnessing procedure has recently been updated due to Civd-19 and witnessing can temporarily take place via video call as long as the witnesses  are watching via live video call and have a clear line of sight of the Will being signed. Furthermore, the camera/connection quality must be suitable enough that witnessing is not distorted and the video call should be recorded.

    Many people are currently in the same boat: Wanting to write a Will due to the precarious current global climate, but not feeling safe or able to do so due to lockdown/quarantine restrictions.

    Fortunately, temporary change shave been made  to the Wills Act and Wills can now be witnessed by video call if this is absolutely necessary. This should only be used as a last resort, but the option is there if face-to-face meetings are unsafe/unlawful.

    Will Executors are simply someone you trust, such as family friends or a professional. It is important that the executor(s) is happy to take the responsibility of administering and distributing your estate.

    Your Solicitor will help you decide your executor and will provide professional and impartial advice about who may be suitable as a Will executor

    Our Will writing Solicitors will be more than happy to discuss your Will over the phone and sort out the finer details. Simply call us on 0800 862 0605 to get the process started.

    Whilst our legal partners are mainly Cheshire Will writing solicitors, we can also cater for those in surrounding areas such as Manchester, Merseyside, Stafford and North Wales. Regardless of your location, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll sort out the logisitcs!