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  • Single Will – A will to record your individual wishes for distribution of belongings and assets

  • Mirror Wills – Two separate wills which reflect each-others intentions almost identically

  • Trusts – Create a trust to protect capital and choose beneficiaries and executors

  • Power of Attorney – Elect a party to have power of attorney, should it become necessary

  • Residential Care – Record plans for your residential care, should you at any point not have the capacity to make a decision

  • Funeral Plans – Include your funeral plans in your will, to get the send-off you want

Making a Covid-19 Friendly Process

We’ve made an agreement with solicitors to meet via live video call to make the Will writing process as safe as possible. Additionally, these video calls will also be recorded to avoid any disputes later

Rather than corresponding via physical paper copies, we can simply send any documents online and retrieve an e-signature from you. As a result, making the process both safer and faster

Why Have a Will Written?

  • Married – Ensure that your spouse is taken care for

  • You have an unmarried partner – Your partner may not be in line to receive anything should you pass without a will

  • Married with children from a past relationship – Make sure your children are not left out in the cold when it comes to inheriting

  • Property Owner – Make sure the capital from your property is distributed as you want it to be

  • Residential Care – Record plans for your residential care, should you at any point not have the capacity to make a decision

  • You have grand-children – your grandchildren may not automatically inherit. Put something aside for them.

Will Writing Solicitor Profiles

All of our solicitors are members of the Society of Will Writers and approved by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

Before you choose your Will solicitor, you can carefully view their Solicitor Profile giving you important details such as:

  • Where the solicitor is based

  • Qualifications and credentials

  • Years of experience

  • A personal statement from the solicitor


Due to couple having shared responsibilities such as childcare and mortgages etc., most people leave the bulk of their assets to their partner if they have one.

Conversely, many single parents choose to leave their estate to their child(ren). You can elect an executor to hold these assets until the beneficiaries reach the age of 18, or the executor can use this inheritance for the benefit of the child (e.g. Use monies for educational fees).

In order for a Will to be legally binding, the signing MUST be witnessed by two individuals. These two witnesses must also complete their details and signatures, so that they can testify that they saw you sign your Will.

Witnessing procedure has recently been updated due to Civd-19 and witnessing can temporarily take place via video call as long as the witnesses  are watching via live video call and have a clear line of sight of the Will being signed. Furthermore, the camera/connection quality must be suitable enough that witnessing is not distorted and the video call should be recorded.

Many people are currently in the same boat: Wanting to write a Will due to the precarious current global climate, but not feeling safe or able to do so due to lockdown/quarantine restrictions.

Fortunately, temporary change shave been made  to the Wills Act and Wills can now be witnessed by video call if this is absolutely necessary. This should only be used as a last resort, but the option is there if face-to-face meetings are unsafe/unlawful.

Will Executors are simply someone you trust, such as family friends or a professional. It is important that the executor(s) is happy to take the responsibility of administering and distributing your estate.

Your Solicitor will help you decide your executor and will provide professional and impartial advice about who may be suitable as a Will executor

Our Will writing Solicitors will be more than happy to discuss your Will over the phone and sort out the finer details. Simply call us on 0800 862 0605 to get the process started.